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Conduct Unbecoming: A Memoir by Desmond O'Malley

Oct 24, 2014

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Conduct Unbecoming: A Memoir (Hardback) by Desmond O'Malley €18.87 (Save €3.89)


Candid, combative and entertaining, Conduct Unbecoming is a compelling account of an extraordinary career. Desmond O'Malley leapt to prominence in 1970 as Jack Lynch's young and fiercely principled Minister for Justice. His role in the Arms Crisis, recalled here, earned him the enmity of Charles Haughey, whose leadership of Fianna Fail he attempted first to prevent, then challenge for the best part of a decade. Unable to arrest the party's slow retreat from what he saw as the high watermark of Jack Lynch's leadership, O'Malley was finally ejected from Fianna Fail in 1985 following his acclaimed 'I stand by the republic' address. He would found the Progressive Democrats several months later.

Conduct Unbecoming is a landmark political memoir from one of Ireland's most outspoken and respected public figures. 'Hard-hitting, opinionated and controversial' Maurice Manning, historian and former politician 'Desmond O'Malley has given us a book that deserves a place on the short shelf of books written by Irish political leaders which gives us a genuine historical insight into the often murky realities of Irish political and commercial life. It is particularly revealing on Charles Haughey's poisonous effect over many decades on the internal affairs of the Fianna Fail party and Irish democracy in general.' Tom Garvin, Emeritus Professor of Politics, University College, Dublin

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